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In the name of The Almighty Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent.

In the yearly two decades of the 20th century a great philanthropist Late Janab Kaka Mohammed Oomer Sahib  with a true secular out-look pledged himself to the founding of a hamlet named after him as “OOMERABAD”.

The plots of land where given away free of cost to all the inhabitants irrespective of religion, cast and creed. The tiny village had transformed into an educational hub whereby an institution namely “JAMIA DARUSSALAM” was founded in 1924 by aforementioned founder and had been registered under the societies registration act which manage and maintain following institutions.

New Girls Building
New Boys Building
  • Internationally famed Arabic College established in 1924
  • Institute to facilitate memorization of holy Qur’an established in 1924.
  • A Tamil medium primary school established in 1934 with state board curriculum.
  • An Urdu medium primary school to impart state board curriculum in 1951.
  • An out-patient block in established 1984 with an addition to full-fledged hospital in 2003 to provide health care to the humanity irrespective of religion, cast and creed at subsidize cost.
  •  A technical institute to impart computer education established in 1992.

The aforementioned institutions had played a significant role in providing quality education with moral values and received many laurels and appreciation in and around Oomerabad.

An increasing inclination towards English medium education had resulted in establishment of an English medium school namely “IQRA ENGLISH SCHOOL” in 1992. The visionary general secretary of the organization Janab KAKA SAYEED AHMED sahib took the lead in the establishment of the said school ably assisted by Janab Kaka Abdullah Sahib as the secretary and correspondent for a brief period and subsequently by Janab Kaka Mohammed Khalid Sahib till 2001.

It was a humble beginning as school was started in a tiled sheds as a makeshift arrangement. The tireless efforts by the management and faculties, the school grew strength by strength due its quality education and discipline.

It was in 2012 a full-fledged spacious new building came into its existence with all modern facilities, such as science & computer lab, smart board, library and playground.

In addition to the above a separate boy’s block with all said facilities came into its existence in 2021.

The school is being run by a managing committee consist of experienced and highly skilled members to maintain its quality and working immensely for the growth of the school.

We are proud to state that we where able to contribute to the society by producing quality education along with moral values, which was well received and was appreciated by its educational standard and high discipline.

May The Almighty Allah accept all our good deeds and show as the right path to make our student’s community pride of the Nation. Aameen

Kaka Faheem Ahmed

Secretary and Correspondent .

The Management Committee
A team of experienced and highly skilled members which maintains its quality and working immensely for day to day of school.

Kaka Faheem Ahmed

Secretary and Correspondent

S.A Md Afsar


Gani Md Zakir


Z. Nizamuddin

Collaborate with school and community partners to engage the local youth in discussions about issues of importance.

Kaka Irshad Ahmed


Kaka Nasir


In our school we take pride in the following traditions.

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Teaching Staff
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Non Teaching Staff
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